What to Look for in an Engagement Ring:

The engagement ring is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry you will ever buy, so more than any other piece of jewelry, it’s important to get this purchase just right. This is why we decided to provide, in this week’s post, a short guide to what you should be looking for when purchasing this all-important ring. Hope you find it helpful and… good luck!

1. Don’t rush the process. You are making a…

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5 Things You Need to Know about 3D Jewelry Design

1. 3D jewelry designs are created using CAD software and can be directly 3D printed in high quality molds and castings.

2. 3D printed jewelry requires little to no manual labor.

3. One of the main benefits of manufacturing jewelry through 3D printing is that companies can customize jewelry at a low cost.

4. 3D jewelry printing allows for greater precision and complexity of designs.

5. Jewelrythis is quickly becoming the premier online global display…

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The Radiant Ruby

“The gleaming ruby should adorn,

All those who in July are born,

For thus they’ll be exempt and free,

From lover’s doubts and anxiety.”

~ Gregorian Birthstone Poem

Time for our monthly birthstone fun facts – this month it’s for the radiant ruby – July’s birthstone. So let’s see what you know.

1. The word ‘ruby’ comes from the Latin word ‘rubens’, which means red.

2. The ruby is traditionally associated with courage, devotion, happiness…

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9 Reasons CAD/CAM Jewelry Design is Best

Just in case you’re wondering, here are nine reasons why CAD/CAM jewelry design is best!

Improved design quality. Better options for customization and personalization. Greater precision and consistency. Enhanced design creativity. Old gems and older pieces of jewelry can be re-styled and re-designed. There is no inventory to worry about. There are endless variations of designs- CAD files can be saved, copied, and changed as needed so that models can be designed, changed, redesigned etc.…
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June’s Birthstone: The Lovely Pearl

Actually, there are two June birthstones, although the pearl is the more popular of the two. The other birthstone is Alexandrite, which is a very rare and beautiful gemstone that changes its color according to the light. Compared to the pearl, Alexandrite is a relatively modern gem, as it was first discovered in Russia in the 1830s. As you might have guessed, it takes its name from the Russian Czar at that time, Czar Alexander…

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Father’s Day Fun Facts

For all of you dads out there and for all of their children, here are some fun facts to keep in mind about father’s day:

1. Father’s Day was started by a woman who was so grateful for her father and all that he had done to raise his children, she pushed for an annual Father’s Day in her hometown of Spokane, Washington. The first Father’s Day in the US was celebrated June 19, 1910.

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Graduation Day – It’s Here!

The day has finally arrived and everyone is ready with gown and cap, cameras, and greeting cards. But wait! What about a graduation present?

Whether you are the happy grad or the proud relative or friend of the grad, customized signet rings are a perfect way to memorialize the big day. Jewelrythis has lots of signet rings you can choose from and the option to customize them exactly to the graduate’s tastes. So, now you…

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Want to Become a Featured Designer? Listen Up!

A great way to get more exposure on Jewelrythis is to become a Featured Designer. As a Featured Designer, your name appears under the Featured Designer’s column on our home page along with your profile picture. Visitors to the site can then just click on your store name or photo to go directly to your store.

So how do you become a Featured Designer? It’s simple. Read on to find out:

1. Submit at least…

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Emeralds – the Perfect Birthstone for May

“Who first beholds the light of day In spring’s sweet flowery month of May And wears an emerald all her life Shall be a loved and happy wife.”

~ Gregorian Birthstone Poem

With everything that’s been happening on Jewelrythis, we almost forgot to post about the May birthstone. But, as they say, ‘better late than never’ (and for now, we’ll conveniently disregard the remainder of that idiom, which is ‘never late is better’). So without…

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“The only mothers it is safe to forget on Mother’s Day are the good ones”. ~Mignon McLaughlin


This year, get your mother something really special, really, beautiful, and really unique – a jewelry design that is 3D printer ready. Perhaps she’s lost a family heirloom that she would like replicated? No problem, have it customized. Perhaps she would like one with a special shape such as a heart or flower? No problem, we’ve got dozens of styles to choose from. Or perhaps you’d like to…

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