How to Launch Your Mother’s Day Campaign

Each spring, millions of people in the US start their search for a gift for a very special person in their lives: Mom. However, Mother’s Day gifts are not just for moms; shoppers buy Mother’s Day gifts for their stepmothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, aunts, and daughters as well. And Mother’s Day isn’t only celebrated in the US. In fact, Mother’s Day is one of just a few holidays that are celebrated internationally. It’s also one of the largest spending occasions of the year; according to the National Retail Federation, in just the US alone over $20 billion is expected to be spent on this annual tribute to moms. (

This makes Mother’s Day a particularly valuable opportunity for retailers in general and for jewelry retailers in particular, as it is estimated that $4.6 billion of that $20 billion will be spent on jewelry purchases.

So what should jewelry retailers do to ensure a successful Mother’s Day campaign?

There are many creative ways to run a Mother’s Day campaign, but all of them have certain key elements that make them successful. We’ve listed some of the most important elements below:

  1. Create a mother’s day gift shop or section. This applies to both brick and mortar shops and online retail shops. Choose special gifts for Mother’s Day and create special deals around them. This makes it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for and gives them ideas that they may not have had prior to looking at your Mother’s Day specials. Don’t forget to highlight these special deals too, whether that means placing them strategically in your store or creating a special page for them on your ecommerce website.
  2. Create mother-in-law or grandmother specials. Tastes change during the different stages of our lives and different age groups want different types of jewelry. By creating specials for specific groups of people, such as mothers-in-law and grandmas, you make it easier for your clients to find appropriate and meaningful gifts.
  3. Run promotions. Two to three weeks before Mother’s Day, start running promotions that entice your customers. There are many ways to do this such as web-only offers, buy-one-get-one-at-half-price offers, ½ price sales, and more. You can also create a Mother’s Day gift buying guide to send out in your newsletter that includes links to your company’s Mother’s Day products, and other gift ideas too; your customers will appreciate your effort to help them find and choose a gift that satisfies them (and the recipient of the gift).
  4. Get personal. This means not only helping your customers decide what gifts are the best, but also letting them personalize the gift. In jewelry, personalizing a gift can take several forms. For example, a customer might want to have a jewelry piece created that replicates an heirloom piece, or the customer might want to create a unique piece that expresses a special relationship or evokes a special meaning. There are many options for customizing jewelry and we are happy to say that Jewelrythis is at the forefront of this option. We can design, produce, cast ,finish and even add a personal laser engraving!
  5. Listen to customer feedback. This is true all year long, but during busy retail seasons, it’s easy to forget about. When customers comment on your social media or blogs, reply to them. If they ask a question, answer them. If they need help with your services or products, give it. Responding to feedback lets your customers know you’re listening to them as well as builds bonds of trust and loyalty.
  6. Social media. This is a big one and there are many ways to do this from creating your own unique Mother’s Day hashtag to actively engaging your visitors (for more on this topic, feel free to read our article, “Leveraging Social Media to Boost Your Jewelry Sales”). However, one of the most important and effective ways to use social media for jewelry retail is to display top-quality, attention-grabbing renders. The right renders will flatter your brand and create a strong visual impact. In fact, quality renders are so important to sales in the jewelry retail business, we have created 6 FREE Mother’s Day renders for you that you can download and share with your customers. Share them on your website and your social media forums and inspire your customers with great gift giving ideas.

Don’t miss the opportunity

Mother’s Day represents an opportunity for people to express their love and appreciation for one of the dearest people in their lives. Creating a timely marketing campaign that is both personal and appealing will help you help your customers find the perfect gift for a very special person. Of course, here at Jewelrythis, we’re ready to help our customers in any way that we can too.

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