Wondering what CAD jewelry is all about?

Maybe you’ve heard of CAD jewelry, or you’ve seen a few CAD jewelry models, but don’t really understand what all the fuss is about.  Or, as a jeweler, perhaps you’re interested in learning how CAD jewelry benefits jewelers, or why you should even start using it for your business. Then again, maybe you’re just curious about it. Whatever your reasons, we’re glad you’re here and hope you… Read More

Jewelrythis has about 10 employees; some part time, some full time.  I’ve worked here for about 4 years and have seen the company grow from a dream to a successful reality. I feel fortunate to be working at a company with so much promise and innovation, as well as to work with people whom I cannot only learn from, as they are all experienced professionals in their fields, but also with whom I genuinely enjoy… Read More

With over 25 years as a behind-the-scenes jeweler for many of the world’s most renowned jewelry brands and retailers, Aron Suley is something of a celebrity in the world of jewelry. Fortunately, Jewelrythis is lucky enough to have him on the team as our very own resident expert in jewelry design.

Aron is a natural-born jewelry designer and Jewelrythis’ powerhouse in jewelry design. He has designed jewelry for elegant woman around the globe as well… Read More

Yes, there’s a lot of math, physics and chemistry behind CAD and 3D printing technology, but sometimes it just seems like magic – like this exquisite engagement ring by Hellablu Jewelers.

Hellablu Jewelers, is based in Lexington, Kentucky and owned and operated by Heather McKinley.  Heather specializes in estate jewelry and custom-made, original jewelry. Heather’s creativity and expertise is complemented by her ability to design jewelry that suit her customers’ specific lifestyle and tastes.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your jewelry concept all the way from expert CAD design, through to 3D printing, casting, stone-setting, and finishing all in one quick, easy process that you control?

We thought so too, and that’s exactly what the Jewelrythis platform does.  When you use our Producethis service, you can transform your vision from a simple sketch all the way to a stunning, finished piece of custom jewelry. Here’s just… Read More

Broder Jewelry Design is located in Brentwood California and has a reputation for quality, expertise and creativity, as evidenced by the many retail stores, manufacturers and designers around the country that regularly seek his services.

The owner, Mark Broder, is a regular user of the Jewelrythis platform and recently submitted his beautiful new “floating bezel” design sketch to us for production.  But, as with all his work, Mark wasn’t just interested in getting the… Read More

No doubt you’re all waiting on bated breath, so without further ado, here are our winners!

Claiming First Place is a stunningly executed antique, cluster-style engagement ring by Daniel Coffey of Dallas, Texas, USA. The faithful vintage design also features classic milgrain details.

Capturing Second Place is this beautiful modern style ring by Claudio Gussini of Gran Canaria, Spain. This wonderful set showcases the Italian flare for trend-setting high fashion.

Third Place… Read More



Come and see how Jewelrythis makes it possible for jewelers to find, create and cast CAD jewelry models from a single platform!


JCK Las Vegas, 2017, at the Solidscape Booth B65079, in the Essentials and Tech Pavilion  


Mon-Wed, June 5-7, 2017 9:30 am- 6:00 pm

Thursday, June 8, 2017 9:30 am- 4:00 pm


Meet with Jewelrythis founder, Dror Habusha: Interested in scheduling a meeting so… Read More

Simple idea—fantastic opportunity! Showcase your winning jewelry design at JCK Las Vegas – the premier jewelry show in the world!

The Spotlight is on You design winners will be announced June 7th at the Solidscape JCK booth. The top winning design will be cast, finished and presented in a featured display. All finalist CAD renderings or waxes will be on display throughout the show for all JCK visitors to see and admire!

Get the… Read More

The growing trend toward using CAD for creating jewelry has brought the art of jewelry design to whole new levels of beauty and complexity, and 3D printing technology has made it possible to bring these designs to fruition. Nonetheless, to actually achieve beautiful, printable jewelry models, there are several mistakes that are especially important to avoid. We’ve created a list of them below so that you know what they are and so designers can use… Read More