Happy Thanksgiving


From the Jewelrythis family to yours, wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving and many reasons to be grateful.


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Sustainable Jewelry Report: Is Coral a Sustainable Gem?

The use of coral in jewelry goes back to the pre-climate change era, when coral harvesting permits weren’t necessary, when CITES and US Fish and Wildlife didn’t exist, when the global temperature was a few degrees cooler than it is now. Tibetans were some of the first people to make salmon-colored and red coral popular by imported it from the Mediterranean sea (it is now illegal to harvest coral from the Med), using beads with…

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Gemology: Trigons- They May Appear on your Diamond’s Certificate!

You may have noticed that the diamond is the world’s most popular gem, with quite an emotional stigma attached to it, brought about by the large crown jewels worn by royalty and the modern day jewelry industry dating back hundreds of years. Scientifically, the diamond is one of the earth’s most fascinating gems and triangles are an important part of a diamond’s billion-year formation, in the form of trigons.


Trigons in…

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Jewelry Destination: Oslo, Norway

Norway is a country of tradition dating back thousands of years. Famous for its Viking history and stories of bravery in exploration, Norway has much to offer in the way of art, food, sports, culture and even jewelry design. Norway’s jewelry design is a lot like its country; it is functional, minimalist and charming with attention to detail. Gold-plating is very popular in Norwegian jewelry design. This is in part due to the traditional brooches…

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Coral peridot pearl collar necklace

Gemological Institute of America Museum Review

By Marissa Pearl

Located in Carlsbad, CA, the GIA museum houses a diverse gem and mineral collection. It is home to some of the world’s largest mineral specimens such as agate and quartz displays weighing over 100 LBS. It also houses more obscure gemstones such as; chrysoberyl, fluorite, sphalerite, spinel, mexican fire opal, paraiba tourmaline, and many many more. The gemstones are nicely categorized in an organized academic way, by mineral. These also double as…

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Marissa Pearl – American Artist and Jeweler

The Jewelrythis team is growing! Today, we are pleased to welcome Marissa Pearl, our new Jewelrythis community manager.

Marissa’s background in fine arts and the underground art world has allowed her to bridge the gap between mainstream art and the subversive in her designs. She studied photography and art history at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has participated in and curated art shows outside of her academic environment, immersing herself…

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Getting Your Jewelry Business Started 101 – Make it Happen

You’ve got the talent, you’ve got the ideas, you’ve got the motivation, but you still don’t know how to start your jewelry business, right? We know; we’ve been there and we want to ‘pay it forward’ by helping you get started too. That’s what the essential tips below are all about. Use them as a guide to getting your jewelry business off the ground and up and running. Good luck! And remember, we’re here to…

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7 Tips on Social Marketing for Jewelry Retailers

There isn’t much argument today about the value of social marketing to retail business. It’s pretty clear that it’s a key component of successful marketing. In fact, social media is critical to helping a business grow its brand and reach new customers. If you’re a retailer or business owner and don’t know how to do this, you’re losing out on a real marketing opportunity. This is particularly true for jewelry retailers because the industry is…

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The Jewelrythis Certification Process

As a professional CAD jewelry platform, we’re proud to say that all of the Jewelrythis CAD modelers are experienced, qualified professionals. We know this because we have created our own rigorous certification process that all of our designers must pass before being allowed to join the Jewelrythis design team.

The certification process allows us to verify the modeler’s experience, expertise and talent for designing not only beautiful looking models, but also models that can…

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Introducing Aron Suley – The Ace Up Our Sleeve

With over 25 years as a behind-the-scenes jeweler for many of the world’s most renowned jewelry brands and retailers, Aron Suley is something of a celebrity in the world of jewelry. Fortunately, Jewelrythis is lucky enough to have him on the team as our very own resident expert in jewelry design.

Aron is a natural-born jewelry designer and Jewelrythis’ powerhouse in jewelry design. He has designed jewelry for elegant woman around the globe as well…

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