Attracting and Selling Jewelry to Millennials: A Major Pain Point for Jewelry Retailers

Selling jewelry is a competitive business, made more challenging by a dynamic industry, advances in technology, and a changing buyer profile. One of the most challenging buyer profiles is the millennial shopper. And since millennial shoppers comprise a market segment that just can’t be ignored, today’s post takes a look at what is unique about millennial shoppers and what jewelry retailers need to know about their shopping habits and preferences in order to woo them…

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Happy Thanksgiving


From the Jewelrythis family to yours, wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving and many reasons to be grateful.


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Gemology: Trigons- They May Appear on your Diamond’s Certificate!

You may have noticed that the diamond is the world’s most popular gem, with quite an emotional stigma attached to it, brought about by the large crown jewels worn by royalty and the modern day jewelry industry dating back hundreds of years. Scientifically, the diamond is one of the earth’s most fascinating gems and triangles are an important part of a diamond’s billion-year formation, in the form of trigons.


Trigons in…

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Jewelry Destination: Oslo, Norway

Norway is a country of tradition dating back thousands of years. Famous for its Viking history and stories of bravery in exploration, Norway has much to offer in the way of art, food, sports, culture and even jewelry design. Norway’s jewelry design is a lot like its country; it is functional, minimalist and charming with attention to detail. Gold-plating is very popular in Norwegian jewelry design. This is in part due to the traditional brooches…

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How to Source Gemstones: 7 Important Tips

Buying engagement rings and wedding rings can be simultaneously thrilling and stressful for the bride and groom because there so many options to consider; style and cost are major considerations, and sometimes time and sentimental value are too.


And don’t forget the gemstone or gemstones –What shape do they want? What size? What color? Fortunately, as you can see from the jewelry design examples in our Wedding Bouquet Collection, there is a beautiful variety…

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Getting Your Jewelry Business Started 101 – Make it Happen

You’ve got the talent, you’ve got the ideas, you’ve got the motivation, but you still don’t know how to start your jewelry business, right? We know; we’ve been there and we want to ‘pay it forward’ by helping you get started too. That’s what the essential tips below are all about. Use them as a guide to getting your jewelry business off the ground and up and running. Good luck! And remember, we’re here to…

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How are you helping your clients celebrate graduation day this year?

Graduation day is truly an important day – it marks the completion of a journey, the start of another, and a hard-earned accomplishment.

One of the best ways to celebrate and mark this special day is with customized graduation-day jewelry, like the collection of jewelry designs below.

You can help your clients, graduates and families of graduates alike, celebrate this special day with any of the jewelry designs in our signet rings collection.They can…

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Us with a FREE Model and FREE Renders

The luck of the Irish just smiled upon you. We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with this special offer. We’ve got lovely St. Patrick’s Day-themed 3D models that will bring out the Irish in everyone! To celebrate this fun holiday, we’re offering you 4 Free Renders AND a free model. So join the St. Patrick’s Day fun and download them in time for March 17th.

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7 Tips on Social Marketing for Jewelry Retailers

There isn’t much argument today about the value of social marketing to retail business. It’s pretty clear that it’s a key component of successful marketing. In fact, social media is critical to helping a business grow its brand and reach new customers. If you’re a retailer or business owner and don’t know how to do this, you’re losing out on a real marketing opportunity. This is particularly true for jewelry retailers because the industry is…

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The Votes are in for January’s Winner!

The votes are all in for the last month of the Jewelrythis-Solidscape “The Spotlight is on You“ contest and despite all of the incredible competition from our other designers, Othmar Wicke has done it again. His winning submission is his exquisite cuff bracelet with intertwining snakes. So congratulations Othmar! Your designs are incredible! Visit Othmar Wicke’s store to see more of his beautiful models.

But it’s not over yet. For the final winner, who will…

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