Our Sincere Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year

Like most people, as the current year winds down and the New Year draws closer, we here at Jewelrythis like to take the time to reflect on the year not only personally, but professionally too. This year at Jewelrythis, we saw a lot of changes and feel we have a lot to be grateful for.

For starters, we proudly and with much anticipation, launched our Producethis service, which lets you use the Jewelrythis platform to…

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Jewelry Destination: Rome, Italy


The Colosseum – one of Rome’s many famed attractions

At first glance, Rome can be overwhelming in all of its glory. You may find yourself focusing on its architecture, food, the Vatican City, fashion, the people, not stopping to think that it could be a jewelry (“gioielli” in Italian) hotspot with artisanal designs and traditional pieces waiting to be discovered amongst the chaos of the city. Many of Rome’s jewelers actually studied…

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Sustainable Jewelry Report: Is Coral a Sustainable Gem?

The use of coral in jewelry goes back to the pre-climate change era, when coral harvesting permits weren’t necessary, when CITES and US Fish and Wildlife didn’t exist, when the global temperature was a few degrees cooler than it is now. Tibetans were some of the first people to make salmon-colored and red coral popular by imported it from the Mediterranean sea (it is now illegal to harvest coral from the Med), using beads with…

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Jewelry Destination: Oslo, Norway

Norway is a country of tradition dating back thousands of years. Famous for its Viking history and stories of bravery in exploration, Norway has much to offer in the way of art, food, sports, culture and even jewelry design. Norway’s jewelry design is a lot like its country; it is functional, minimalist and charming with attention to detail. Gold-plating is very popular in Norwegian jewelry design. This is in part due to the traditional brooches…

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Hidden Gems: Germany’s Most Popular Jewelry Destinations


There are nooks and crannies of the world where the jewelry industry has been a driving economic influence; in some instances it has been a source of economic wealth for the entire country. Some of these nooks are small cities where you will actually pinpoint specific jewelry techniques, gemstones, and important museum histories. I have been spending the last year accomplishing my jewelry projects and goals in Germany, and have seen some exciting, unexpected…

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Marissa Pearl – American Artist and Jeweler

The Jewelrythis team is growing! Today, we are pleased to welcome Marissa Pearl, our new Jewelrythis community manager.

Marissa’s background in fine arts and the underground art world has allowed her to bridge the gap between mainstream art and the subversive in her designs. She studied photography and art history at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has participated in and curated art shows outside of her academic environment, immersing herself…

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The 4 Cs of CAD Jewelry: Complexity, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Challenge

The art of creating beautiful custom CAD jewelry is inspired by many talents and skills including creativity, technique, experience, craftsmanship, technological know-how, and even emotion. So that you can better see how all of these qualities figure into CAD jewelry, we’ve written a post to show you some of the stages of development of a beautiful custom CAD jewelry model, from conceptual birth to finish.

The Beginning As with any jewelry piece, we start with…

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We’re back at it – using your feedback to improve the customer experience on Jewelrythis!

And we think we’ve done it! This time, we focused on streamlining and simplifying the Designthis, custom order process. It’s explained in today’s post below. Go ahead and give it a read, try us out, and let us know what you think. Your feedback is always important to us.

The major enhancement we’ve made is that you can now improve and refine your project description via a much simpler, three-step process. After you choose your…

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More Options and Features on Jewelrythis – Introducing Our New STL Viewer!

Jewelrythis users no longer need to download or use special software to view our STL files. Now, when you order a custom design, you will be able to just click the view button to see and review your 3D model.

There’s no installation required and it works on any device… computers, smartphones and tablets. So you can still work on your custom models, on the go!

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Introducing the New Jewelrythis CAD to Cast Service

We’ve got another terrific new development on Jewelrythis that we’re excited to share with you; a new casting service that we offer to US and Canadian Jewelrythis members. As part of our service, our users will now have the option to get casting quotes for their custom orders.

This new service provides an option for users to order a CAD model and then get a casting in either 14k, 18k or platinum. In other words,…

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