How to Source Gemstones: 7 Important Tips

Buying engagement rings and wedding rings can be simultaneously thrilling and stressful for the bride and groom because there so many options to consider; style and cost are major considerations, and sometimes time and sentimental value are too.


And don’t forget the gemstone or gemstones –What shape do they want? What size? What color? Fortunately, as you can see from the jewelry design examples in our Wedding Bouquet Collection, there is a beautiful variety…

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The Lost Dolphin

Jim Saylor Jewelers opened in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai, in 1976 and has been operating from that same location ever since. They are family owned and operated and are known for their quality, custom jewelry designs and the special attention and service they provide their customers. Recently they had an opportunity to put that special service to the test and they passed with flying colors.

The Lost Dolphin Challenge

A little while back,…

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Make it Unique: Customized Wedding Jewelry Ideas

Engagement rings and wedding bands are a time-honored tradition when it comes to nuptials, but that doesn’t mean that traditions can’t be customized. In fact, customized wedding jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. And thanks to CAD jewelry and the ability to buy fine jewelry online, options for customizing jewelry have never been better or more beautiful.

Customization can take many forms, such as requesting unique stone shapes or different stone colors, or east-west settings. The…

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How are you celebrating the 4th of July this year?

Whether you’re going to see a fireworks show, having a backyard barbecue, or spending a quiet evening at home, whatever your plans for this special holiday, we wanted to wish you all a happy, and safe holiday. And to help celebrate and inspire, we are proud to share this beautiful 4th of July CAD jewelry pendant:


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Wedding Jewelry Trends Alert

Engagement rings and wedding ring styles are constantly changing and evolving. Perhaps it’s because there are so many factors influencing them – celebrities, music stars, popular movies, new technologies, and even social and economic conditions. Whatever the cause, the result is that couples have many unique and beautiful engagement and wedding ring styles from which to choose. Recent trends in wedding jewelry have been particularly innovative and varied, not to mention beautiful. Here are just…

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Getting Your Jewelry Business Started 101 – Make it Happen

You’ve got the talent, you’ve got the ideas, you’ve got the motivation, but you still don’t know how to start your jewelry business, right? We know; we’ve been there and we want to ‘pay it forward’ by helping you get started too. That’s what the essential tips below are all about. Use them as a guide to getting your jewelry business off the ground and up and running. Good luck! And remember, we’re here to…

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Happy Fathers Day

To all the fathers, grandfathers, and father figures out there, young and old, far and near, everyone at Jewelrythis would like to wish you all a very happy and memorable Father’s Day.

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A Heartfelt Congratulations to all the Graduates (and their Families)!

The Jewelrythis staff would like to send a hearty and heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates out their – young and old, far and near and whatever your aspirations. And let’s not forget their families for getting them this far.


Congratulations to all of you on this milestone accomplishment!

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How are you helping your clients celebrate graduation day this year?

Graduation day is truly an important day – it marks the completion of a journey, the start of another, and a hard-earned accomplishment.

One of the best ways to celebrate and mark this special day is with customized graduation-day jewelry, like the collection of jewelry designs below.

You can help your clients, graduates and families of graduates alike, celebrate this special day with any of the jewelry designs in our signet rings collection.They can…

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Leveraging Social Media to Boost Your Jewelry Sales – Start doing it this Mother’s Day with Our FREE Photo Renderings

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest retail days of the year, and according to numerous shopper surveys, jewelry is one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts. In fact, last year’s spending on Mother’s Day jewelry alone reached a whopping $5 billion!

These facts have not been lost on e-commerce retailers and on jewelry e-commerce retailers, in particular. Social media, as we all know, is one of the best ways to advertise and…

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