Jewelry Destination: Baselworld. Basel, Switzerland

There are many prestigious jewelry shows on the roster for members of the jewelry industry to attend. Jewelers, gem dealers, manufacturers, buyers, retailers, and even members of the public are invited to attend the industry’s most exciting annual events, usually held in an exhibition hall or at a luxurious hotel.

Baselworld jewelry models

Baselworld 2019

Jacob & Co. Bugatti x innovative timepiece collaboration

The purpose of jewelry trade shows is to showcase the best jewelry designs, to buy and sell top quality gems from international gem dealers, to view and purchase the best cutting-edge technology in the industry, to create an opportunity for gem laboratories and board members to promote themselves and for jewelry schools to buy specimens for their classes, to network within the community, and to have fun. For many people, these events can help them grow their business because they provide exposure to their target market and encourage the use of tools such as social media to increase visibility.

Kimberlite Diamond’s porcelain and diamond necklace

What makes Baselworld (held in March of every year) any different than shows like JCK Las Vegas, Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, JOGS Tucson Gem Show, JA New York jewelry show, JIS Exchange, International Jewelry London, China International Gold, Jewelry & Gem fair, Istanbul Jewelry Show, and other less well-known shows?Baselworld is a high-end luxury show that takes place in one of the most expensive cities in the world, catering to the Jewelry industry’s elite members while showing off the latest jewelry trends. If you are a member of the public, you will pay a high price to attend the show and stay in the luxurious city of Basel, where there are many exceptional bars and restaurants that indulge those with high standards of excellence.

University of Basel Botanical Garden

Basel is a city geared toward progressive thinking and luxury, It is very different from other cities that host jewelry shows as it is home to many big Pharma headquarters and high-end watch manufacturers, maintains a highly educated young professional workforce, has many high-end art galleries and accompanying prestigious art fairs, has the best chocolate shops and factories in the world, is home to prestigious universities boasting exotic botanical gardens, has historical Swiss landmarks hundreds of years old, and is home to many other manufacturers such as those in the automotive industry. Basel is on the border of France and Germany, making it a unique geographic location for travelers who want to explore more of Europe after the trade show is over.

Laderach, award-winning Swiss Chocolatier

If you are part of the Horology industry, BaselWorld is absolutely the top watch show in the world. In the last few years, several low to mid price-range manufacturers have pulled out of the show, leaving only the high-end luxury brands such as Hublot (featuring the art of Marc Ferrero this year), the Legendary Graff, Bell&Ross, Panerai, Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Chopard, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Montres Tudor, Bulgari, Chanel, Gucci, Jacob&Co., MB&F, Bucherer, Alpina, Ronda, and more. The annual Baselworld roster changes reflect the climate of the industry, so investors and buyers take note of who has stayed afloat in today’s tough economy. If you are a serious buyer, Baselworld has lots of courier services on-site so that you can safely and discreetly ship items.

Bell&Ross innovative watch display

Rolex x Rhino innovative watch display

Bucherer innovative watch display

Patek Phillipe innovative watch display

Hublot x Ferrari innovative watch display

The displays are works of art- meant to draw the viewer into a fantasy world, where exotic animals and flowers, technology, sports cars, and beautiful models modeling avant-garde jewelry are dazzling. These divine creations can inspire designers and buyers to partake in the beauty of some of the most sophisticated designs in the world. The tourbillon and its successors are so accurate and elegant that they are often displayed as the watch’s design to fully showcase it’s beauty. There are also practical innovations to behold such as flexible platinum bands, (no longer do you have to worry about your finger shrinking and expanding) and the Flex’it chain by Umberto Cazzola. If you make an appointment as a private buyer, you will receive the luxury treatment including gourmet dishes and drinks. No expense is spared.

The ethics and sustainability grade for Baselworld is 5/10. Many coral pieces were displayed, which is an unsustainable gem. The consumer always has the power of choice and total economic power. In addition to this travesty of gem sourcing, there are no recycling bins available for people to use at the show, although there are recycling programs in Switzerland itself.

Coral pieces (unsustainable gem) by Ruppenthal

Many buyers have been concerned about outsourcing manufacturing to foreign markets that are taking over the European watch companies- mainly through less expensive Chinese manufacturing. To be considered “Swiss-made” a timepiece must have 60% of its final monetary value manufactured in Switzerland; the rest can be outsourced labor and materials. Positively speaking, the cultural diversity in the jewelry industry is one of its greatest assets, you will see many different nationalities all convening in different sectors of the supply chain, coming together peacefully to capitalize.

Jacob & Co. innovative watch display

Graff innovative ladies watch display

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