10 Secrets of Custom Jewelry

1. You don’t need to be a jewelry designer to get a custom jewelry piece designed. Clients looking for custom jewelry don’t actually need to know a thing about jewelry design. All that’s needed is a sketch (and the sketch doesn’t have to be perfect) or a photo of the jewelry piece desired. This is particularly true with CAD jewelry. For example, if you submit your sketch or photo to Jewelrythis, we can turn your jewelry vision into a CAD model that can then be printed, cast and finished. You choose the stones, metals and size for your final piece.



2. You don’t even have to visit a jewelry store to order custom jewelry. Everything can be done online, from submitting your sketch or photo, to choosing your metals, stones, and size, to approving the design by looking at renders of what the final product will look like. It can all be done from the comfort of your own home or office. The finished jewelry is then shipped to you.

3. The customer can be involved every step of the way. With custom jewelry design, there is collaboration and communication between the client and the designer throughout the jewelry creation process.

4. Custom jewelry is more affordable than you think. Because there is no middle man and you are working directly with the designer, prices don’t have to be inflated in order to cover the costs of expenditures on the jewelry (such as inventory, insurance etc.,). These costs are therefore not automatically built into the price of the ring or necklace etc. You’re also not paying additional fees for trademarks or name brands. And with custom jewelry, you often have the option to buy the gemstones you want used in your jewelry at incredible discounts, further minimizing costs.

5. It’s easier to stay within your budget. Along the same lines as custom jewelry being more affordable than you’d think, it’s also easier to stay within your budget when you order custom jewelry. Working with a designer gives you the option to choose design elements that are more suitable to your finances; an option not available with mass produced jewelry.

6. You can have heirloom pieces recreated. One of the best things about customized jewelry and CAD technology is that it makes it possible to recreate a sentimental piece of jewelry – pieces that were lost or damaged overtime. CAD makes it possible to bring a cherished piece of jewelry back to life. Have you read our Lost Dolphin story? It’s a great example of exactly this ability.

7. Custom jewelry lets you redesign jewelry. When you order custom jewelry, you can also mix new ideas with elements of another piece of jewelry. For example, you might want to use the gemstones from another piece of jewelry in your customized piece, or you might ask the designer to incorporate some of the design elements of the old piece in the new piece. You can also take existing CAD models and request modifications, just like with any of the stunning models you see below:


butterfly cocktail ring with enameling

Bold and beautiful cocktail ring with enameling.


animal style fashion ring with accent stones in a channel setting

Gorgeous panther ring with accent stones in a channel setting.

halo style engagement ring with milgrain styling and accent stones

Halo Style Engagement Ring with beautifully placed accent stones- fit for royalty!


bead setting on dancing ballerina pendant

Ballerina pendant with bead setting – perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and more.


8. Custom 3D printed jewelry is becoming increasingly popular amongst celebrities and the wealthy. Not long ago, if you’d asked someone about CAD jewelry they would have had no clue as to what you were talking about, but that’s no longer true today; CAD jewelry has gone mainstream. This is largely because 3D-printed jewelry has become so popular among the wealthy, celebrities and Hollywood fashionistas, not to mention famous jewelry designers, all of whom are always looking for an edge and the newest, chicest fashions.

9. Social media is influencing the growing popularity in custom jewelry. The rise of visual social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram has led to a greater awareness of fashion, styles and trends among the general public. New looks and styles are shared with just a click of a button and the images travel across the globe in an instant. Global trends influence each other, fueling a greater desire for uniqueness and originality, which exactly suits custom CAD jewelry. From custom engagement rings to custom body jewelry, people are looking for more diversity and more options. This has naturally led to an increase in the demand for customized jewelry and the services provided by CAD jewelry professionals.

10. CAD/CAM has made custom jewelry design not only more accessible, but it has opened up design options not possible before. CAD technology has made it possible to create jewelry pieces with greater complexity, originality, and sheer beauty than ever before. And it has simultaneously made the customization process more accessible to everyone.



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