Move over Fine Jewelry & Costume Jewelry – There’s a New Kid on the Block…

And it’s Called Demi-fine Jewelry

Demi-fine jewelry is a new category of jewelry that blurs the line between fine jewelry and costume jewelry; it fills the gap that used to exist regarding jewelry that is designed with exquisite craftsmanship, but can be purchased at affordable prices.

Unlike fine jewelry, which is typically crafted from precious stones and metals and saved for those elegant or special occasions, demi-fine jewelry combines beautiful designs with semi-precious stones and gold or silver plating, and is worn on a regular basis. And unlike costume or fashion jewelry, which is made from lower quality materials and designs, but wearable every day, demi-fine jewelry is longer lasting and of a higher quality. In this way, it borrows aspects from both fine and custom jewelry and the outcome is beautiful, contemporary jewelry at moderate prices.

Demi-fine jewelry also leans towards minimalism or simple organic shapes. Often they have classic as well as modern design elements.


modern style fashion ring of Mars and its two satellites

Mars and its satellites fashion ring by 3CW


stackable ring with a modified triangle cut center stone

Stackable solitaire by Misha


Classic, yet modern style pearl ring by Sasha


Here to Stay

Nor is demi-fine jewelry just a passing trend. On the contrary, the growing shift toward self-gifting jewelry, the millennial desire for greater uniqueness and individual expression, and the fact that demi-fine jewelry offers buyers a chance to elevate their style at moderate prices, is making demi-fine jewelry the go-to look for a growing segment of the population.


Chevron style, simple and elegant fashion ring by Aron Suley


Flower and leaf ring by Aron Suley

Men’s ring with geometric designs and enamel by Reformer.


CAD Jewelry Design

CAD jewelry design is particularly suited to the demi-fine category of jewelry as it is ideal for personalizing and customizing jewelry designs. You can specify the metals you want used, the stones, the style, the symmetry, and more. Plus, you have the option to modify existing designs, or submit your own jewelry sketch or photo. Once the design is completed, you can then have it produced, cast, and finished – you can even add a personal laser engraving.


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