Our Sincere Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year

Like most people, as the current year winds down and the New Year draws closer, we here at Jewelrythis like to take the time to reflect on the year not only personally, but professionally too. This year at Jewelrythis, we saw a lot of changes and feel we have a lot to be grateful for.

For starters, we proudly and with much anticipation, launched our Producethis service, which lets you use the Jewelrythis platform to produce your own CAD models. All you have to do is upload your model’s STL file using the Producethis service and we’ll cast and finish your model for you. How cool is that?

We also added our new STL viewer and measuring tool. Our STL viewer makes it possible for you to view designs before approving them, as well as measure the distance between two points on a model. The viewer even lets you maneuver the design so that it can be seen from different angles. Plus, it can be used to provide feedback to the designer in case any design changes are desired. Both designers and customers are very pleased with how well this tool has improved communication between designer and client.

Another welcome addition to Jewelrythis in 2018 was Marissa Pearl. Marissa joined Jewelrythis as our new community manager and she brings with her extensive expertise in jewelry design and gemology.

But there’s more. For the first time ever, Jewelrythis sponsored the Miss Russian San Diego contest, held at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido. Given the contest’s mission statement, “to help young Russian women realize that through the expression of their humanitarian and philanthropic hearts, powerful drive, intelligence, and initiative to succeed, they can make an amazing and valuable contribution to our community, state, nation and the whole world,” we were proud to contribute three beautiful pieces that were worn at the contest.


We also held another one of our own contests; the Jewelrythis Art Deco Design contest. Our winning designer was Raul Cuevas who hails from Spain and who submitted a stunning, Art Deco-style mask pendant. Congratulations again to Raul! His winning design is shown below.



Finally, we’re happy to report that we saw a 72% growth in revenues this year and a 62% growth in our casting services. In fact all of Jewelrythis’ products and services saw impressive growth in 2018 and we’re very excited about continuing this growth next year.

What we are most grateful for, however, is the continued patronage of our customers, the trust they’ve placed in us, their feedback and the connections we’ve made with them. We promise to make Jewelrythis even better in 2019 and we look forward to more opportunities to serve you and work with you. Happy holidays and happy new year to all of you.





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