Send your CAD file, get your piece to your door.

Producethis — A simple solution to a complicated process

Now you can cast, set and finish — all from one platform! Forget about constantly searching around for individual 3D wax printing, casting and finishing services.

Simply start by sending us your file and we’ll do the rest.

* Don’t have a design? Send us your sketch and we’ll model it for you.

Producethis Advantages

Our Unique CAD Review Process

Our CAD/CAM experts review every model we receive, checking the look and feel, whether we’ll be able to polish obscured areas, if sprues are needed and more. Got Design problems? We’ll help you fix it!

Hi-Tech & Craftsmanship Combined

Our approach to the production process is a bit hybrid; we use both traditional jewelry crafting techniques AND ultra-modern technology. This process allows us to create even the most complex, detailed and delicate pieces.

Nothing is too hard for us

Enamel? Complicated hand texture? Custom cut stones? Organic CAD and Cast? No worries - we’re up for any challenge. (See our examples below.)

  • Ever since Jewelrythis started offering their Producethis service, I’ve felt like I was handed a lifeline. I was always struggling to get jewelry pieces made. Something always seemed to go wrong with at least one step along the process whether it was modeling, printing or finishing. But today, thanks to Jewelrythis, I don’t have any design or production problems anymore. What a difference!
  • As beautiful as CAD jewelry is, the process of designing and producing can be long and complicated.That’s why I felt so much relief when I found out I could hand over the production aspect to Jewelrythis. Jewelrythis is fast and professional and they get great results every time. My customers are always happy!
  • I’m so pleased with Jewelrythis and their services. Whether it’s designing, modeling, or finishing, they are professional, punctual, and reliable. When I use Jewelrythis to design, model, or produce a piece of jewelry, I’m always satisfied and more importantly, so are my customers!

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