The More, the Better: Why it’s Important to Upload Designs Frequently

Many designers new to Jewelrythis ask us why they should keep uploading more models, so we thought it was important enough to write an explanation on our blog. In a nutshell, the best reason to upload new models regularly is to attract and keep the attention of our users. In other words, so they don’t forget about you! The best way to do that is by frequently uploading new designs to your store. Here’s why:

1. New models are added to our latest designs display, which means they are on the first page of our site and therefore receive the most views.

2. The more models you have on our homepage, the more homepage views there will be and the more views your models will have.

3. Every time you upload a model, your followers are notified, which helps them keep you in mind when they are looking for designs. So, if you upload a model once a week, your followers will be notified and reminded of you on a weekly basis. If, on the other hand, you only upload a model once a month, your followers will only receive a monthly email about your designs.

So, as you can see, the more models you upload, the better! Better, exposure, better interest, better sales! If you’re still unclear about this topic, feel free to add your comments to the discussion area below and let us know.

Comments (4)

  1. simon wilkinson

    simon wilkinson

    Why does it take several weeks to approve a design?

    • Amy


      Thank you for your inquiry. In extreme cases, it can take a few weeks to check and approve a design, especially if there are a lot of submissions to check. We perform a vigorous check of each model before it’s approved to make sure that there are no problems with it and that is meets our criteria for printing and casting.

  2. Deepika


    What is the ratio of sales? Why I didn’t made any sales yet even I upload models daily? Where I am lacking?

    • Amy


      Thank you for your inquiry. Your sales success rate is based on the quality of your models themselves, how trendy or classic they are and whether they are suitable to a particular location or occasion. The worK you do after you upload your design is important too. For example, we offer the option to setup your own Jewelrythis Designer page, which allows you to promote your models on social networks, build an audience, and receive user feedback in the form of likes, follows and comments. Uploading quality renders for your models is also very important because they help users visualize your designs.

      We suggest you start by uploading just a few designs in the beginning so that you can become familiar with our publishing process and then follow with a few dozen more. Once your audience starts to grow, you should start uploading a few models every week.

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