Our Amazing “The Spotlight is on You” Contest Judges

Well, the Jewelrythis-Solidscape ‘The Spotlight is on You’ 3D jewelry design contest is underway and we’re seeing some phenomenal designs. The possibilities with 3D jewelry design are truly amazing.

Do you know what else is amazing? The judges for our contest. They’re all experts in their fields whether it’s jewelry fashion, jewelry design, or 3D printing. We’re excited and

grateful to have them on board as our judges. So without further ado, here’s an introduction to each one!

Anthony DeMarco


Anthony DeMarco is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in luxury jewelry and watches. He writes for several publications, including Forbes.com, the Financial Times Watches & Jewellery special reports and Hong Kong-based JewellreyNetAsia.

DeMarco’s blog, Jewelry News Network, is a window into the international jewelry and watch industry. Its primary purpose is to show beautiful objects of adornment created with spectacular diamonds and gems. The blog also explains the business behind the beauty of jewelry by showing the importance of luxury jewelry and watches as an economic engine throughout the world. Readers gain a backstage pass to the glamour, fun and challenges that are part of the industry

Esther Ligthart


Esther Ligthart loves jewelry! After 25 years in the business, she still gets all passionate about jewelry, jewelry designers and craftsmanship. And she enjoys showing the public all the beauty that’s out there.

Esther lived in Valenza, Italy where she ran a jewelry store and later had her own jewelry agencies, was an e-commerce jewelry buyer, a sales manager and a consultant.

Today she runs a successful jewelry blog called Bizzita.com and she is a journalist for International trade- and luxury magazines. She also runs an agency and will launch a ‘social media for jewelry brands’ consultancy service soon!

Esther lives in the Netherlands, together with her husband and child and their many pets.

Aron Suley


Aron Suley is a master jeweler for some of the world’s most renowned jewelry brands and he has designed fine jewelry for elegant women around the world. His extensive knowledge of each step in the jewelry manufacturing and stone setting processes helps him to create CAD models that are a goldsmith’s dream; Aron uses his experience and unique talent to transform metal and stone into magnificent jewelry. He is also a developer of 3D rendering, interactive technology for the Internet and he has his own brand of jewelry that is in constant demand by his global clientele.


In addition, Solidscape, one of our contest sponsors and a premier manufacturer of high-precision 3D printers, will also be judging designs. They will be looking for the designs that best demonstrate 3D printing capabilities.


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