Enter the enamel jewelry design contest!

Enter Jewelrythis’s enamel jewelry design competition

With the resurgence in vintage and antique fashion, the jewelry market is reflecting the wearer’s desire for “throwback” or nostalgic pieces which are in hot demand!!!

Enamel pins have always been a kitsch way to express ideas and interests of the wearer, as well as enamel brooches which accessorize a “look” or a specific style of the wearer from formal to casual. Dress up or dress down with enamel jewelry, which is now easier to produce using 3D software and 3D printers.

Enamel production requires a border wall incorporated into the structure of the piece which will be filled with a colorful or black enamel, which is then heated to create a beautiful piece. Enamel pieces can express any mood or inspiration and be worn traditionally or non-traditionally.

Enter here by uploading your 3D model with its description details.

Guidelines: Must be an original design, inspired by any time period, please include “enamel” in your description.

Entries due 3/1/2019

Winner will be announced on 3/7/2019

Winner will receive their enamel piece fabricated by Jewelrythis and a lifetime premium account on Jewelrythis as well as a blog feature and social media winner posts. Judges will be Jewelrythis’ CAD designers.

Enter our enamel jewelry design contest


Examples of enamel pieces from Jewelrythis in-stock models:

Eastern-European design enamel ring

Zebra stripe enamel ring

Tree of life with green enamel details and malachite



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