Introducing Aron Suley – The Ace Up Our Sleeve

With over 25 years as a behind-the-scenes jeweler for many of the world’s most renowned jewelry brands and retailers, Aron Suley is something of a celebrity in the world of jewelry. Fortunately, Jewelrythis is lucky enough to have him on the team as our very own resident expert in jewelry design.

Aron is a natural-born jewelry designer and Jewelrythis’ powerhouse in jewelry design. He has designed jewelry for elegant woman around the globe as well as created his own brand of fine couture jewelry. Aron founded Plaure Jewelry where he honed his technique and style by using his natural-born artistry and his understanding of his clients’ wishes to create stunning and original jewelry pieces. He also founded JewelGenie, an innovative online custom jewelry solution that makes exquisite custom jewelry inspired by nature.

Aron’s unique expertise and skill, stems from his initial experience as a traditional bench jeweler, his innate artistic talent, and his grasp of modern jewelry design technology. He also has many years of experience teaching the ‘tricks of the trade’ to local goldsmiths and taught many of the jewelers who today successfully run their own businesses.

As one of the early adopters of CAD technology and 3D printing, Aron has brought his talent and skill to all new heights and is able to leverage his traditional and extensive CAD experience to create customized masterpieces that reflect his clients’ specific tastes and subtle nuances.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Aron and pleased to take advantage of the terrific experience he adds to the Jewelrythis team.


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