Announcing Our New Premium Membership

Now that we’re all settling in to the New Year, we hope that everyone is also ready for big and wonderful things in 2016. Speaking of big and wonderful, we’ve made some pretty great changes to Jewelrythis recently and one of the most important is the new premium membership. By offering a regular and premium membership, we can limit access to our premium models and assure that only select users can view or buy these products. Plus, Premium Membership offers special features and choices that regular membership doesn’t receive.

Starting January 1st
, all Jewelrythis members will revert to regular membership, so we want to encourage you all to join as premium members and take advantage of all that it has to offer. Keep reading for a look at the special benefits of premium membership as well as a peek at some premium designs.

There are lots of advantages to Premium Membership. Here are just a few:

  • Only Premium members have access to all the models that are trending.
  • Only Premium members receive recommendations by email.
  • Only Premium members receive special discounts on custom orders.
  • Only Premium members receive special discounts on renders.
  • Only Premium members have unlimited downloads of our free models.

And here is a small taste of our premium models. To see more, become a Premium Member!


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