Men’ Jewelry – Today More is More

If you think you’ve been seeing more men wearing jewelry recently, you’re not mistaken. Men’s jewelry is definitely trending. The trend, driven largely by the growing number of popular male celebrities seen sporting jewelry (think Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio etc.,) has chipped away at the long-held view that jewelry is primarily for women, not men. In fact, whether they’re rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, jewelry is becoming as much an accessory…

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Move over Fine Jewelry & Costume Jewelry – There’s a New Kid on the Block…

And it’s Called Demi-fine Jewelry

Demi-fine jewelry is a new category of jewelry that blurs the line between fine jewelry and costume jewelry; it fills the gap that used to exist regarding jewelry that is designed with exquisite craftsmanship, but can be purchased at affordable prices.

Unlike fine jewelry, which is typically crafted from precious stones and metals and saved for those elegant or special occasions, demi-fine jewelry combines beautiful designs with semi-precious stones and…

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Jewelry Destination: Athina. Athens, Greece

Greek jewelry in Athens

One must only look at Greek jewelry to behold its impressive beauty, its ornateness and geometry, and to see how it compliments the wearer while also standing out on its own, adding an interesting bold design element to any wearer’s ensemble. Greek jewelry can easily be unisex, but you will find statement pieces for all genders to enjoy. Upon visiting Greece, you can observe how the artisans work…

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Jewelry Destination: Baselworld. Basel, Switzerland

There are many prestigious jewelry shows on the roster for members of the jewelry industry to attend. Jewelers, gem dealers, manufacturers, buyers, retailers, and even members of the public are invited to attend the industry’s most exciting annual events, usually held in an exhibition hall or at a luxurious hotel.

Baselworld jewelry models

Baselworld 2019

Jacob & Co. Bugatti x innovative timepiece collaboration

The purpose…

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A History of Jewelry: A Jewelry Timeline

The history of jewelry is both fascinating and surprising. Jewelry is nearly as old as civilization itself and the evolution of jewelry techniques, styles and fashions gives us a fascinating look back into the time periods in which the jewelry was created. Much like the world of art, the world of jewelry has also undergone many changes in style, fashion and creation, changes that continue today. The timeline shown below presents a general overview of…

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How to Design a Jewelry Collection

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve already rightly decided that it’s important for your jewelry business to have some jewelry collections. Perhaps you even decided that after reading our blog explaining why it’s important to create a collection. In that post we also gave some ideas for collections. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to actually create a jewelry collection. Before we do that, however, let’s look at what defines a collection:

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Jewelry Destination: Rome, Italy


The Colosseum – one of Rome’s many famed attractions

At first glance, Rome can be overwhelming in all of its glory. You may find yourself focusing on its architecture, food, the Vatican City, fashion, the people, not stopping to think that it could be a jewelry (“gioielli” in Italian) hotspot with artisanal designs and traditional pieces waiting to be discovered amongst the chaos of the city. Many of Rome’s jewelers actually…

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6 Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Shopping for an engagement ring is a very personal affair and, as most jewelry retailers can attest, couples that are shopping for an engagement ring approach their search from all angles, including wanting to know what’s trending. And jewelry styles, like any other type of apparel, move in and out of fashion. The coming year is no exception, with new and beautiful trends coming our way. So without further ado, we’ve compiled a look at…

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Trends in Jewelry Shopping

Shifts in shopper demographics, a growth in the number of jewelry designers, and emerging 3D technologies are all having a significant impact on how today’s jewelry shoppers look for and buy jewelry. Knowing what these trends are can present great opportunities for jewelry retailers. With that in mind, we took a look at the jewelry shopping habits and trends that are shaping jewelry sales today.

Self-gifting. Traditionally, jewelry has been given as a gift to…

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Jewelry Destination: Oslo, Norway

Norway is a country of tradition dating back thousands of years. Famous for its Viking history and stories of bravery in exploration, Norway has much to offer in the way of art, food, sports, culture and even jewelry design. Norway’s jewelry design is a lot like its country; it is functional, minimalist and charming with attention to detail. Gold-plating is very popular in Norwegian jewelry design. This is in part due to the traditional brooches…

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