6 Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Shopping for an engagement ring is a very personal affair and, as most jewelry retailers can attest, couples that are shopping for an engagement ring approach their search from all angles, including wanting to know what’s trending. And jewelry styles, like any other type of apparel, move in and out of fashion. The coming year is no exception, with new and beautiful trends coming our way. So without further ado, we’ve compiled a look at the engagement ring styles that will dominate in 2019. Spoiler alert! They’re gorgeous! – Jewelers – get ready!

Colored stones – Many brides, and that includes many of Hollywood’s favorite celebrities, are increasingly choosing colored gemstones over conventional diamonds. And while it’s true that colored stones can be easier on the pocket, the real value of colored stones for these brides-to-be is the individuality and uniqueness that colored stones express, not to mention the variety of choices that they come in. Amethysts, garnets, rubies, sapphires, and tourmalines are just some of the beautiful gemstones perfect for engagement rings. Our recent post on how to source gemstones is a reflection of this trend.



Halo settings – In halo settings, smaller diamonds encircle and accentuate a center diamond, which has the effect of making the center diamond appear larger. Adding to the richness of a halo setting is its versatility; it can be added to any cut, allows for the use of unique stone shapes rather than uniform stone shapes, and it lets you easily swap out the diamond center stone and replace it with a colored center stone to create a more signature look.



Pear-cut stones – Perhaps partly due to Ariana Grande’s recent engagement, the popularity of pear-cut stones has been steadily on the rise and we can expect to see this continue in 2019. Pear-cut stones can be made even more exceptional and beautiful when placed in a halo setting or paired with a unique banding style.



Vintage cuts – Non-traditional styles such as vintage cuts will also be trending next year. Think emerald cuts and marquise cuts. An added bonus? These cuts look fantastic with the trending halo setting, which makes the stone pop even more. Another added bonus? Vintage cuts are beautifully reminiscent of old Hollywood style elegance and glamour.



Art Deco style – Art Deco style, which also falls under the category of vintage style, has its own distinct design. It was made famous in the 1920s and influenced design trends in everything from architecture to jewelry. It’s recently been making a comeback and will definitely affect 2019 trends in engagement rings. In fact, it is becoming so popular, we recently held an Art Deco design contest. Art Deco style engagement rings sport geometric designs, sharp lines and multiple small stones encircling one large center stone.



Unique bands: Not to be overlooked is the trend towards more unique bands such as twisted bands, thick bands, double bands, and mixed rose gold and yellow gold bands. Unique bands add an undeniable touch of depth and elegance, and even a sense of warmth that might be lacking in more traditional style engagement ring bands.




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