Broder Jewelry Strikes Gold with Jewelrythis

“I love to see how CAD models are done perfectly, while the render photos make a great selling tool. The Jewelrythis process was easy to learn, and the finished product is of very high quality.”

Mark Broder

Broder Jewelry

The Challenge

Mark Broder of Broder Jewelry ( has been handcrafting fine jewelry for more than three decades. But he was doing it the hard way. With 80% of his business coming from custom retail jewelry services, Mark was spending 6-8 hours hand-carving a single model—sometimes with results that were not perfectly symmetrical. Any changes desired by the customer would require several more hours of work. And when the time came for delivery, his delicate wax models were occasionally damaged during shipping.

The Solution

All that changed at the beginning of 2016, when he discovered Jewelrythis.

Instead of hand-carving the models, all Mark now has to do is sketch the design on paper, and send it to Jewelrythis.

Jewelrythis turns his design into a manipulable CAD file, makes a 3-D printed version, and returns it to Mark for final changes.

The Results

  1. 1

    Sketching takes only 10-15 minutes; Jewelrythis does the rest

  2. 2

    CAD designs ensure perfect symmetry, and subsequent changes are easily made

  3. 3

    No more need for shipping fragile wax models - Jewelrythis prints and casts models in the traditional way

Best of all, Mark can give his pieces a classic, handmade look by ordering a pre-drilled model and setting stones by hand—thereby getting the best of both worlds. Mark’s customers benefit too, as they enjoy faster turnaround and greater satisfaction with the end result.

With Jewelrythis, Mark spends less time and money on creating custom jewelry designs, allowing him to handle more customers and grow his business. Jewelrythis has turned an expensive, tedious process into a rapid, accurate, easy-to-use service.