Brazilian Designer Goes Global with Jewelrythis

“The Jewelrythis team is great, and I hope our cooperation lasts for many years. You have allowed my 3D jewelry designs to reach new places, and my sales have really benefitted from your reputation.”

Jewelrythis Designer

The Challenge

Vihad is a freelance 3D jewelry designer located in São Paulo, Brazil, and has worked with Danielle Metais, Vivara, H.Stern, Júlio Okubo, Carla Amorim, and Illuminato.
Prior to joining Jewelrythis, Vihad tried to sell his projects through major 3D model sales sites. However, none of them specialized in jewelry, and so Vihad’s sales were slow.

The Search

Vihad needed a dedicated custom jewelry distribution website that fulfilled numerous requirements, such as the use of professional methods for the manufacture of printed jewelry. He was particularly interested in the evaluation process enabled by CAD capabilities, which greatly simplifies the steps of finalizing a 3D jewelry design. He also knew that an intuitive site layout and an effective support team would be important. Finally, he had encountered slow payment processing with other sites, and did not want to repeat the experience. After an extensive search, Jewelrythis seemed to fit the bill, so he contacted them and began to use their platform to sell his products.

The Results

  1. 1 First design sold within a month
  2. 2 Can reach manufacturers across the globe
  3. 3 Reputation enhanced by working with a responsible and reliable company

Jewelrythis matched all of Vihad’s needs. Moreover, before Jewelrythis, Vihad worked only with projects and clients in Brazil. Now, Vihad sells his creations in ways that he could never have managed independently, and his design collections are available at a price which allows everybody to win. Vihad has enjoyed working with Jewelrythis and hopes to sell even more in the future.

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