Boutique Jeweler Boosts Custom Business with Jewelrythis

“I don’t know how I would have gotten the jobs completed without Jewelrythis. Reducing my stress by freeing up precious time that was previously spent on CAD designing has been invaluable. No other CAD service I’ve found can compete on pricing, turnaround time and level of professional execution.”

Brandon Anthony

Chattanooga Jewelry Company

The Challenge



The Chattanooga Jewelry Company, based in historic Chattanooga, Tennessee, has an old-time aura of its own. It built its business on the level of quality that was much more common back in the day, but still maintains modern technical excellence. Owner Brandon Anthony’s customers enjoy the store’s variety of boutique services: custom jewelry, full service repairs, and a retail gallery. However, Chattanooga Jewelry Company is re located in a midsize city, so the ability to fully exploit modern jewelry design techniques – particularly 3D CAD modeling – was simply unavailable locally. Outsourcing was the only option.

The Solution

Then Brandon discovered Jewelrythis, and the rest is history. Jewelrythis allows Chattanooga Jewelry Company to design and produce high-quality jewelry while cutting costs and time. Even though Chattanooga is a boutique, the affordable modelers at Jewelrythis deliver fast and reliable CAD service for the store’s specialized needs and let Brandon meet the high demand for custom jewelry. Because Brandon has casting machinery in his shop, he can outsource all the CAD work to Jewerlythis, then cast and finish the product  himself.

The Results

  1. 1

    Greater focus on increasing business, making money, and keeping customers happy

  2. 2

    Benefit from modern CAD design services, despite location and scale

  3. 3

    Ability to take on jobs that otherwise would have been turned down and achieve lower costs at a higher quality of service

Thanks to Jewelrythis, the Chattanooga Jewelry Company can maintain its boutique atmosphere and handle customers on a scale that was previously not possible. Jewelrythis brings the Chattanooga Jewelry Company fully into the modern age. With Jewelrythis, Brandon Anthony can deliver classic quality while enjoying the efficiency of cutting-edge 3D jewelry custom design services.