What is Jewelrythis?

What is Jewelrythis?

Jewelrythis is a 3D jewelry design marketplace for jewelry professionals, and we have a variety of services to offer. All of these services are explained below.

A Database with Over 10,000 Designs

Our database has over 10,000 ready to cast, CAD jewelry models. You can browse our designs, choose the ones you like, customize them, order them and have them 3D wax printed, cast, and made into a beautiful jewelry. Since all of our models are ready to cast, any professional jeweler will be able to use our designs.

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Custom Orders

For customized jewelry, we offer a custom-order option. Whether a modified version of one of our existing designs, a copy of an existing piece of jewelry, or an original design, our professional designers can create a customized model for you. Just show us what you want and we’ll create it.









We offer high-quality, professional rendering services. Our renders use color and 3D animation to make CAD models come to life. Use them to show your clients a realistic and stunning image of your models.









As a platform for selling 3D jewelry designs, 3D designers and modelers can create a store on our site, upload their designs and sell them to earn royalties. By uploading their models to Jewelrythis, designers earn more exposure for their designs via our virtual display, and increase their sales earnings.










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