What is Jewelrythis?

What is Jewelrythis?

The all-in-one jewelry platform

Jewelrythis is a unique, online service where jewelers can find, design and produce 3D CAD designs from a single platform. It’s also a place where designers can present and sell their jewelry designs to jewelers all over the world.


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Design this: Order custom CAD models – from sketch to render

Submit a sketch or a photo and we will design a 3D CAD model based on your specific instructions, or even request customization of one of our in-stock models. Then, use the Jewelrythis platform to have the model rendered and cast, or download it and find your own place to have it cast.





Produce this: Print, cast, and finish

Instantly receive a quote for printing and casting in different metals, order the casting, and have it finished — all from one platform!








Render this:

Order professional and beautiful, photo-realistic renders in a variety of colors and metals. You will be able to use this render to show your clients and help them visualize the jewelry, as well as use it on your social media pages, your one web-site and in printed catalogs.




Discover stunning “in-stock” CAD models

Browse and find exquisite models from our in-stock selection. 15,000 designs and growing! Customized them, render them and cast them.



Sell your models

Are you a jewelry CAD designer? Now you can increase your worldwide exposure, display your designs and sell to interested jewelers from around the world.



How to reach us

Jewelrythis is located in beautiful San Diego, California – in the San Diego Jewelry Exchange Building. If you’re ever in the area, make sure you stop by for a visit. We’d love to meet you. But if you can’t get all the way out to San Diego, you can always contact us. We’re happy to hear from you that way too!



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