The following are the products and services available for our in-stock models:

Printable file (STL file)

This file is used to 3D print the design. It canNOT be edited or remodeled. Thus, if you buy this file, you will be able to 3D wax print the design, cast it, and produce the jewelry. You will NOT, however, be able to change the stone sizes or other design elements.

Source file (3DM file)

This file CAN be edited/modified. You should buy this file if you want to revise and remodel the design before you print it. In other words, if you buy this file, you will be able to modify it. For example, you will be able to change stone sizes or the ring size, save the file as an STL, and then print and cast the design. You must have the necessary software as well as modeling and design knowledge. Also, modification is limited to a certain degree; not all modifications are possible even if you have the 3DM file.

Designthis model

This option lets you customize the model according to your exact specifications. For example, you can change stone sizes, ring size, or even remove/add stones.

Producethis model

Choose the precious metal you want for the jewelry piece and receive a quote for producing the piece on our platform. Production includes wax printing, casting and finishing.


This option lets you order professional photo-realistic renders in a variety of colors and metals. You will be able to use this render to show your clients when selling the piece, on your social media pages, and on your one web-site.

*Please note: Products and services not available for every model.