Premium membership gives you full access to all the models on Jewelrythis, including all the trending and new models, allows you to receive recommendations by email, and special discounts on custom orders and renders. Premium members also have unlimited downloads of our free models.

The premium feature was designed to address the concern expressed by many of our customers, as well as our designers, that any visitor could easily copy our models simply by viewing the four-sides photos and specs. By limiting access to the different models in a way that, on the one hand, doesn’t reduce the amount of purchases, but on the other hand, makes sure that only “serious users” can view and then buy these products, we have resolved this issue. The premium feature gives all of our users the certainty that the models that they buy won’t then be duplicated by just any user who decides to copy our designs.

Essentially, premium membership creates a minor, but effective barrier, that gives our designers a degree of security so that their models are not seen by just anyone; rather they can be viewed only by users who have some commitment to the site and the Jewelrythis community.

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