Tips for Using Jewelrythis

To search for a design, just visit our in-stock CAD selection. Start your search by entering a keyword or by choosing a jewelry category, e.g., ring, pendant, bracelet, etc. and then refine your search by choosing a style, price range and even a stone shape or cut. Remember that any of the ‘in-stock’ models can be customized to your needs, this means that you can request us to change stone shape, ring sizes, add or remove accent stones.

If you still can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can always start a Designthis project where we model a custom design based on your exact instructions.

Just login to your account and visit yourMy Orders page. You will see a table that lists your orders, the dates the orders were placed, total cost, and more. For information about a particular order, just click on the order number or project name and you’ll be taken to a new page with information specific to that order.

Designthis and Producethis projects can also be found on the dashboard. This is the area where all of your custom projects are gathered.

When you see an ‘in-stock’ design that you like, you can follow its designer and start receiving updates whenever the designer uploads a new design to Jewelrythis. Just click on the ‘Follow’ button on the product page.

What is a collection? A collection is a group of different models that have some type of connection whether it be by theme (e.g., Valentine’s Day, floral sets, animals etc.), or design similarity, category etc.

How can I create one? Collections are very easy to create. Simply click on the little star you see below or to the right of the model. This will open up a small window so that you can give the collection a name and then add the model to the newly-created collection, or add it to an existing collection that you’ve already created.


You can add as many designs to each of your collections as you like and once you’ve created a collection, it’s easy to view it at any time. Your models will appear at the bottom of the home page or on the collection page.


When should I use collections? There are many different ways you can use the collection feature.

  1. If you are a designer, you can create your own collection to promote your models; many jewelers are looking to buy and produce a complete collection to display in their store window. By creating a collection (usually 5 to 9 pieces), you can sell more of your models.
  2. As a store owner, you can use Jewelrythis as a point of sale tool. For example, choose 20 classic models that match your clientele’s style, give the collection a name that includes the name of your store e.g., “YourStoreBrand Classic Collection”, and then show it to your clients directly from the Jewelrythis site.
  3. As a Jeweler, you can use the collection tool as a classification and bookmarking tool. You can arrange designs by theme, shape, or other category that you like, and then return to it later to review, add to a collection, follow, show to customers and more.