Sell Your Designs

It’s very simple to sell your jewelry designs on . If you haven’t already done so, first join our site. It’s free to join and you can log in via your Facebook or Google account. Once you’ve joined and logged on to your account, simply go to the Sell page and start submitting your designs. It’s a quick and easy process and once your designs are approved, they’re made available for purchasing immediately.

Uploading your jewelry designs to Jewelrythis is quick and easy. After you’ve joined, simply go to our Sell page and start submitting your designs. You will be prompted for the required files and will be asked to complete information about your design such as the category, stone shape, size etc. (This information makes it easier for customers to search for and find your design.) When you’ve finished, simply click the ‘submit’ button. Our experts will then check your design and you can follow its submission status from your own designer’s page. Your design will be made available for viewing and sale as soon as it’s been approved. For additional information on how to upload a design, please see this FAQ for tips on providing information about your design.

Like any store, presentation and appearances are important! That’s why we have some basic requirements for you to follow when you upload your designs. Think of them as best practices for promoting your designs and your brand. Follow these practices to make your designs as appealing are as possible.


  • Title: Give your design a title. Titles can help create a mental image of your design, so put thought into the name you provide. It should create a mental image that your customers will find appealing and attractive.


  • Description: when prompted for the description, remember that you want to paint an attractive and flattering image of your design that will appeal to viewers. This is a good time to express the inspiration behind your designs and provide other details that will capture the imagination of your customers. Descriptions should be 2-5 lines long and should say something about the product’s purpose, and the size and materials it can be printed in. If the size, shape, and color of your design are customizable, you should state this in your description too. If there are special instructions for printing, include this information as well.



  • Categories : choose your design categories and subcategories carefully and accurately. Our customers search for designs using the categories. The more accurate you are, the greater the chance someone will browse your designs.


  • Style: Use the drop down menu to choose a style type (e.g., retro, Mother’s Day, flower) that best fits your design. Since our customers also search for styles, it’s important that you choose the most accurate style for your design.

And remember, be as thorough as possible when providing information about the design during the design submission process. Provide all requested information such as as stone shape and size, gem setting, style type, etc.



It doesn’t cost you anything to use services to sell your designs. Not one cent.

Your sales success rate is based on the quality of your models themselves, how trendy or classic they are and whether they are suitable to a particular location or occasion. The work you do after you upload your design is important too. For example, it’s important to promote your models on social networks, and to respond to your audience feedback on Jewelrythis. Uploading quality renders for your models is also very important because they help users visualize your designs.

We suggest you start by uploading just a few designs in the beginning so that you can become familiar with our publishing process and then follow with a few dozen more. Once your audience starts to grow, you should start uploading a few models every week.

We pay 60% of the sales that you make on Jewelrythis.

We accept JPG and PNG files for the preview images and STL, OBJ, MGX, and 3DM files for the design (which can be archived as ZIP or RAR).

Sellers’ earnings are paid monthly to all users who have a balance. Payments are made via PayPal by default and are usually made within the first seven days of each month.

If you cannot open a PayPal account, you can order a Jewelrythis payment card. The Jewelrythis payment card is supported by Payoneer, which is a global platform for sending, receiving, and withdrawing funds. You may receive your payments via Payoneer either to the card or directly to your bank account. Once you receive your card, we can start transferring your earnings to you and you can then withdraw your funds in your local currency at your local bank. The card can be used at any store or at any automatic teller machine that displays the Mastercard logo. Payments can be made in over 70 currencies and in over 200 countries.

Note: If you are using Payoneer, please note that they require that you have a minimum balance of $20 before they will pay you. So, if you don’t meet that minimum balance, Payoneer will wait to pay you until you have a balance of $20 or more

You can read more about the Payoneer card here.

To order a Payoneer card, just login to your Jewelrythis account, go to “Store Settings” and check the “I would like to order a Payoneer card” box. Next, click “Save” at the bottom of the page after which an “Order Payoneer Card” box will appear. Click on the box to join Payoneer and then follow the instructions. If you already have a Payoneer account, follow the same instructions, but when the pop-window appears, click on the “Already have a Payoneer account?” box.

Of course, there is always a possibility that someone will be inspired or even copy another designer’s ideas. This is true for any regular designer as well as for luxury brands that display their collections on their own site.
However, on Jewelrythis only those members that are registered as jewelry professionals (and we verify their professional standing) have access to all the information about a model. We ask that our members abide by certain rules when they use our site and one of these rules is that they not copy the designs of another designer. In addition, we keep our prices reasonable, making it not only cheaper, but easier as well, to buy one of our models rather than copy it or try to recreate it.

It’s very important that renders look their very best, as they play a significant role in making a sale. We recommend that renders have a white background and that gemstones be either white gold or clear. Different versions of the gemstones for the jewelry piece can also be included. In addition, we recommend that there be photos of the actual jewelry piece, in case you’ve already produced it. The photo should be at a minimum 600 x 600, and should NOT include a logo, watermark or website url. By displaying photos that appear as uniform as possible, we can maintain the look and feel of the Jewelrythis website, which improves the browsing experience of buyers, and makes it easy for them to compare between pieces, purchase and download them. You also have the option to use our Renderthis service. We create stunning and professional photorealistic renders for every jewelry design.

Example of Different Resolutions

Examples of Unacceptable Renders

With Payoneer, you can order a debit card and/or make direct wire deposits for accounts almost anywhere in the world. You can read more about Payoneer here.

Joining is simple. Just login to your Jewelrythis account, go to “Store Settings”, check the “I would like to order a Payoneer card” box, and click “Save” at the bottom of the page.


Once you do this, an “Order Payoneer Card” box will appear. Click on the box to join Payoneer and then follow the instructions. If you already have a Payoneer account, just follow the above instructions, but when the pop-window appears, click on the “Already have a Payoneer account?” box and follow instructions.

This is a great question and one that gets asked frequently by our users. Jewelrythis is online and open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a seller, you always have access to your account and we have created a system that lets you check the status of your store at any time to see how many designs you have sold. Just login to your account to see your My Sales Report table.

In addition, you will also receive an automatic email from us the minute any one of your designs are sold and you can see all your sales activity when you login to your account.

And if you would like further verification, we invite any of our sellers to test us at any hour and any day. Just buy one of your designs and verify that you received our notification by email and the payment for the sale. After you’ve tested us and verified your payment, just email us so that we will refund your money and cancel the order. We will not cheat you! This is our business and you are our partner!!

The price of designs generally varies between $10 – $30 per design. If you have a design that is unique or original (patented or not patented) or your 3d files have a higher level of difficulty, such as an animal figure, a human figure, or a special or well-paved gemstone and setting, you can suggest that we sell the design at a higher price. We’re always open to comments and requests. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

You can choose the default photo when you upload your designs by clicking on the photo of your choice. Please see the print screen below as an example:


Most designers prefer to use their real name because this helps them build their reputations as designers, but if you have a Jewelrythis store, you do have the option of choosing a nickname that can be used as your public designer name for your Jewelrythis store. Your nickname will then be the name that appears when you post comments, recommend a product, provide feedback etc. Using a nickname will will also change the URL for your store.

When you join Jewelrythis to sell your designs, you grant Jewelrythis an an exclusive irreversible worldwide license to reproduce, market, sell, resell, display, transmit, and distribute to recipients the materials you upload to the Jewelrythis website. You grant this license as long as you own the copyright.

A copyright is the right to make copies of your work, distribute copies to the public, prepare derivative works, perform the work in public, and display the work in public. When a work is created, the original creator owns the copyright. This can change if the copyright is sold or given to another person by the creator of the work. In most cases, you know whether you own the copyright of your work. Nonetheless, if you are not sure we recommend that you check with a legal professional.

You will be able to see all of your new design submissions in your store a few seconds after you’ve submitted them. However, a newly submitted design will be in review status and cannot be viewed by customers until it has been approved by our staff. Once approved, customers will then be able to view the design on Jewelrythis. Please note that in extreme cases, it can take a few weeks to check and approve a design, especially if there are a lot of submissions to check. We perform a vigorous check of each model before it’s approved to make sure that there are no problems with it and that is meets our criteria for printing and casting.

An error with the STL, or the model is not boolean are some of the more common reasons that a design might not approved. We try to keep the production process clean and simple for our customers. Thus, one of our criteria for publishing and selling a model is that the model can be easily printed, cast, assembled and finished. We also make sure that the model can be worn comfortably. Therefore, even if it’s possible to produce the model, if that model doesn’t pass the Jewelrythis ‘is it easy to produce?’ test, we will not approve it for sale on our site.

We recommend that you visit your “Settings” page (click on ‘Settings’ on the drop down menu under your name) and upload an artwork or a profile photo that buyers on the site will recognize and attribute to your designs. You should also add information about yourself, such as your professional background and any other information that can help users better understand your passion about your designs. By completing the shop setting, you increase your chances of selling your designs and of being followed by other users.

There are a number of steps you can take to increase a visitor’s confidence in your store.

One of the best ways is to become more involved in the Jewelrythis community. For example, start posting, commenting, and rating the designs of other designers and respond to comments that you have received. Whenever you do this your name with a link to your store will be placed near your comment, which will increase your presence on the site and enhance your credibility.

Of course, don’t forget that the more designs you upload, the greater your exposure will be. Your renders should be of the highest quality too, so that your designs are always shown in their very best light. Feel free to use our Renderthis service if you need help with this aspect of your store display.

And finally, using different social media to increase traction to your account is also very effective. You can do this by using the share links that appear on your designer page, or on each of your model / product pages. We also have an excellent article with social marketing tips for jewelry retailers that you might find helpful

A jewelry set is composed of matching or themed jewelry pieces. Sets can be made up of earrings and necklaces, or earrings, necklaces and rings, rings and bracelets etc. Jewelrythis designers who have at least two approved designs can now group their designs into sets. Just go to your published designs once you’ve logged into your account and choose the pieces you want to use for your sets. You can give your sets titles and descriptions. Note that unpublished designs cannot be used in a set and this option is only available to Jewelrythis designers.

No. Please see our copyright FAQ if you want additional information.


If you believe you are qualified as a designer, we would be happy to hear from you. Please start by registering on our site. You will then need to upload at least one of your designs, so it can be checked by one of our experts. After your models are approved, please contact us and ask to join our team. You will be invited to provide some information and asked to model two test exam projects. For additional information, feel free to read more about our certification process. Good luck! We look forward to having you join the team.

Your followers will receive a notification each time you upload a design and they will receive recommendations for your designs first. You will also be notified whenever someone new follows you.

There are a couple ways to increase your followers. First, become an active member of the Jewelrythis community by liking, commenting and reviewing other designs and responding to comments you receive. Second, promote your Jewelrythis store by sharing on your social media pages and sharing Jewelrythis social media pages. Many of our designers have found this article about social marketing tips for jewelry retailers helpful. Third, keep uploading more designs to increase your selection of designs.

Every week we calculate a designer’s latest ranking using our special algorithm. The algorithm looks at user activities and involvement in the Jewelrythis community to determine ranking. Thus, the more active you are on Jewelrythis, the higher your ranking. Calculations are based on user activities such as the number of designs uploaded, number of followers and designers followed, number of likes received and given, number of reviews and comments written and received, and the number of community posts written. To improve your ranking, simply become an active member in the Jewelrythis community.