CAD Models Marketplace

It’s easy to search for and find the designs that you want and there are several ways you can perform a search:

  1. By category: There are 10 categories of jewelry from which to choose.
  2. By style: Do you want vintage, filigree, with accent stones? Or another style. Choose from a variety of styles to help you find precisely the design you want.
  3. By stone shape/cut: From baguette to pear-shaped, to round, choose a stone that suits your needs.
  4. By stone size: Further, refine your search by specifying a stone size; you can specify a stone width and length.
  5. By design weight: Have a specific design weight you’re searching for? No problem, you can search by weight too.

Click here to get started: CAD Models Marketplace

Once you’ve selected the design that you would like to purchase, choose the type of file you want to purchase and then click on the ‘add to cart’ button. Repeat this action for each design that you would like to buy. When you are ready to checkout, click on the ‘cart’ icon to make your payment and receive the files.

Yes, we can be customize the models to your requirements. You can request a different stone shape, change ring sizes, or add or remove accent stones.

To customize a design, click on the “Customize” tab on the product design page and follow the instructions.


In most cases, you will receive the link to download your design immediately after the transaction is approved. However, sometimes it might take up to 24 hours for the files to be ready.

You can find information about the file format in the description field of the format page. Most of designs are either in 3dm or stl formats.

There are several different types of software that will allow you to view 3DM files for free, but some of them have certain limitations. We recommend that you download the Rhino evaluation software. This software lets you view all types of CAD files and the only limitation is that you can’t change and then save a file. However, this isn’t a problem because you don’t need this function.

For STL files, we have an STL viewer that allows you to see your STL files. There is no installation required and it works on any device. Just click on the ‘view’ button’ of your order to see the design. For more details about using our STL viewer, see our FAQ, ‘How to use the STL viewer to give you feedback about a design”.

Our designs come from all corners of the world, which is why we can provide so many different choices and such a wide variety. However, we also ensure the quality of the designs by vetting our designers very carefully. They must pass a series of design tests before we welcome them aboard. You can find information about designers by clicking on their name. You can also follow so you’ll be notified whenever they upload new designs. If you are a designer and want to join our team please click here.

Absolutely. Most of the models from our marketplace can be modified using our Designthis service. And to produce the design, just choose the ‘Producethis’ option from the ‘What would you like to do?’ prompt. If you do not see this option, please contact us so we can activate this feature for the design.