Jewelrythis facilitates and improves the way you can design and produce your jewelry pieces.

With our easy-to-use, uncomplicated platform you can find new designs, turn your ideas into real jewelry pieces, and follow the whole process from start to finish.

Jewelrythis was founded in 2013, by Dror Habusha, an experienced online business entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, and Aron Suley, an artist and master jeweler.


Who Our Clients Are

Jewelers and Jewelry Store Owners

Jewelrythis helps jewelers and retail store owners provide their clients with endless CAD/CAM possibilities. Just send us a sketch or a photo. We will turn it into a stunning CAD model and then cast, finish it to you. (You also have the option to cast it yourself.)

Designers/Jewelry Entrepreneurs

If you’re ready to start a new jewelry business, or a company looking for a branded accessory, we can help. Jewelrythis will create collections for you, help you mass produce your designs, or custom produce them to order. In short, we can meet all your design and production needs!


What Our Services and Products Are:

Designthis: Custom CAD Service

Submit your jewelry sketch or a photo and we’ll design a 3D CAD model based on your specific instructions. Or just request customization of one of our in-stock models.




Producethis: Print, Cast, and Finish

Receive a quote for printing and casting in different metals and in different quantities. Then order the casting and have it finished — all from one platform!


Renderthis: Top Quality, Exquisite Renders

Order beautiful, professional photorealistic renders in a variety of colors and metals. Then use your rendered design to help clients visualize the final jewelry piece. These stunning renders will also energize your social media pages, website and printed catalogs.












Additional Features

Discover our marketplace of stunning CAD models.

Browse and find exquisite CAD in our marketplace. Over 15,000 designs! Customize them, render them and produce them -many options at your fingertips.


How to reach us

Jewelrythis is located in beautiful San Diego, California – in the San Diego Jewelry Exchange Building. If you’re ever in the area, make sure you stop by for a visit. We’d love to meet you.

Jewelrythis LLC,
861 Sixth Ave, Suite 720,
San Diego, CA 92101 USA

The following are the products and services available for our in-stock models:

Printable file (STL file)

This file is used to 3D print the design. It canNOT be edited or remodeled. Thus, if you buy this file, you will be able to 3D wax print the design, cast it, and produce the jewelry. You will NOT, however, be able to change the stone sizes or other design elements.

Source file (3DM file)

This file CAN be edited/modified. You should buy this file if you want to revise and remodel the design before you print it. In other words, if you buy this file, you will be able to modify it. For example, you will be able to change stone sizes or the ring size, save the file as an STL, and then print and cast the design. You must have the necessary software as well as modeling and design knowledge. Also, modification is limited to a certain degree; not all modifications are possible even if you have the 3DM file.

Designthis model

This option lets you customize the model according to your exact specifications. For example, you can change stone sizes, ring size, or even remove/add stones.

Producethis model

Choose the precious metal you want for the jewelry piece and receive a quote for producing the piece on our platform. Production includes wax printing, casting and finishing.


This option lets you order professional photo-realistic renders in a variety of colors and metals. You will be able to use this render to show your clients when selling the piece, on your social media pages, and on your one web-site.

*Please note: Products and services not available for every model.

Jewelrythis is for verified jewelry professionals only. This includes jewelry store owners, jewelry manufacturers, jewelry designers and service bureaus.

Qualified jewelry professionals (for who qualifies as a jewelry professional, see FAQ, ‘Who can register on Jewelrythis?) can join Jewelrythis from wherever they reside. Production and shipping is currently only available within the US.

There are many features, such as viewing model prices and ordering custom designs, that are exclusively for verified jewelry professionals.

Your current status : You are not logged in, Please login to your Jewelrythis account.

If your status is “waiting for verification”, please allow us up to 24 hours to verify your account based on the information you provided when you registered.

If your status is “professional status not verified” this means that we couldn’t approve you as a jewelry professional based on the information that you provided. If this is the case, please click here to request and provide the needed information so that we change your account status to ‘professional’. Changing your status is completely free.

If you are a “verified professional” then you should have no limits in accessing our services or seeing the prices.

Premium membership gives you full access to all the models on Jewelrythis, including all the trending and new models, allows you to receive recommendations by email, and special discounts on custom orders and renders. Premium members also have unlimited downloads of our free models.

The premium feature was designed to address the concern expressed by many of our customers, as well as our designers, that any visitor could easily copy our models simply by viewing the four-sides photos and specs. By limiting access to the different models in a way that, on the one hand, doesn’t reduce the amount of purchases, but on the other hand, makes sure that only “serious users” can view and then buy these products, we have resolved this issue. The premium feature gives all of our users the certainty that the models that they buy won’t then be duplicated by just any user who decides to copy our designs.

Essentially, premium membership creates a minor, but effective barrier, that gives our designers a degree of security so that their models are not seen by just anyone; rather they can be viewed only by users who have some commitment to the site and the Jewelrythis community.

Click here for a full comparison of membership options.


Please go to the Support page on our site if you have any inquiries. One of our customer service representatives will get back to you promptly.

We have provided the option to create Jewelrythis teams in order to facilitate the process of creating, assigning and completing jewelry design projects. Teams can be created by team leaders who can invite registered and approved Jewelrythis members and who they would like to have on their team. Teams can be comprised of one member or many members; it is up to the team leader.

Once the team leader creates a team, individual members of the team or the entire team, can work toward completing a project that the team was assigned. Projects are assigned by the administration.

How does someone become a team leader?

Not everyone can become a team leader. The administrative staff picks team leaders according to specific guidelines.

When Jewelrythis members are selected to become team leaders they will see the menu option, ‘Team’, on the drop down menu that appears when they login to their account and hover over their icon.

If you are interested in becoming a team leader, feel free to contact us and let us know. We will be happy to consider your request.

What if I have been invited to join a team, but I don’t want to join, or I’ve joined, but I don’t want to continue as a team member?

You do not have to join a team if you don’t want to, and you can always leave a team if you don’t want to continue as the team member. However, team leaders cannot close a team unless all of the members of the team have left.

For a long time Jewelrythis did offer free designs, but based on the feedback we received from our clients and different retailers, as of December 2018, we no longer offer free designs.