Rings from Marissa’s featured Collection

The featured collection contains jewelry models that I have expressly chosen for their modeling complexity and skill. In addition to showcasing beautiful 3D modelling technique, rather than using a preset, the designer has also displayed superior rendering skills, turning their models into impressive photographic imagery. All of these pieces have been manufactured, proving their modeling success.

The beauty of Jewelrythis is that new models are frequently added, so check back to see what I have added to my specially curated collection.

I will be posting jewelry design contests for the jewelry-as-wearable-art designers. Thank you for your interest,


Community Manager


A ring is a small circular band that is placed on the finger and is typically composed of some type of precious or semi-precious metal. It is also often decorated with precious or semi-precious stones. Rings are considered the most popular piece of jewelry and given for a variety of occasions and reasons including marriage, engagement, and graduation.

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